Lairs of Self


A special edition 1k digital release.

A 9 track audio souvenir from the Lairs of Self installation.
Experience the sublime electronic soundtrack that accompanied the immersive and interactive Lairs of Self multimedia experience held on October 17th, 2014 at the Crane Arts IceBox, in affiliation with DesignPhiladelphia Festival.

The music was composed, recorded, and produced by Tim Motzer featuring vocals by Kyra Garèy (Berlin, Germany).

released 19 October 2014

Kyra Garey – voice
Tim Motzer – electronics, moog voyager, percussion, guitars, voice
Adam Teterus & Kyra Garèy : words & titles

Audio Mix by Tim Motzer, 1k Recordings, Philadelphia
Additional mix assistance by Eric Bogacz.
Mastered by Eric Bogacz at Elevate Sound, Philadelphia.
Produced by Tim Motzer for 1k Recordings
Cover image & design: Sean Martorana & Dejha Ti


C + P 1k Recordings Inc/Motzer, Garèy, Teterus (BMI)