ORION TANGO – Tim Motzer, Barry Meehan, Jeremy Carlstedt



From the forthcoming album Orion Tango on 1k Recordings.

music by ORION TANGO
Barry Meehan – bass
Jeremy Carlstedt – drums, percussion
Tim Motzer – guitars, electronics, samplr

Film by Brakhage.
Video edited and remixed by Lucy Yamaguchi at 5033 studio Tokyo.
additional footage by Avraham Bank and tilomo.


—with tremendous gratitude to Stan Brakhage for his timeless work.
(January 14, 1933 – March 9, 2003)
“My own diaristic style came very much from that fact that I had no time
and money to make a scripted, “conventional” film. So instead of making
films I just filmed. I sometimes joke, I say I am not really a filmmaker; I am
only a filmer. I film real life. I never know what will come next. The shape of
my films emerges from the accumulation of the material itself. I go through
my life with my Bolex camera.”
S.B. 2000