Dunellen, NJ ProgHouse January 29, 2015


Thursday January 29

Show 3. Dunellen, NJ ProgHouse (Roxy + Dukes)

This place is a trip. Like a circus fun house. Totally enjoyed the sassy waitresses here. Pat’s drums are delivered by SST and the kick drumhead is mounted of Julie’s ‘the screamer’. Awesome. I love this! Tonight’s show is being recorded and filmed. Unfortunately, the stage is very loud and monitors are not happening. not a good sound here. strange frequencies and overtones made it hard to hear definition. There were still some mighty moments tonight. My solo improv seemed to work tonight. Pat video’d this, so you may be able to find it on his FB page. I love all of the music we are playing. The arrangements are getting closer and clearer to Pat and me by this show. ‘1986’ had a couple of glitches tonight due to the bad sound, afterwards, I played my Baritone for the first time on the tour, a wild trio improv that was very’ out’, much like the night. Like winging paint in the air to see what would happen. Indiscipline was very killing again. It s like riding a bucking bronco, is the way i would describe it, as Pat is flipping meters against the riff. The object is to try not to fall off, even though you are being sucked down into the abyss. I’d love the challenge of this song every night for a while. I think we had the energy of the ’81 original but with our own take on it. Pat roared on this. What a blast! Julie’s Birthday! Great company. We are becoming a band, and I feel like I wish we could keep going for a while longer than 5 shows. Our drive home was in a beautiful snow shower. Once back we listened to lots of records to wind down and finally XTC The Big Express which closed the night. Happy hangs. 5am again.