Washington D.C. Gypsy Sallies January 27, 2015


Tuesday Jan 27

Show day. Snow day? Huh? Upon awakening I notice there is no snow to speak of. The blizzard has missed us in D.C., Philly, and most of NYC…only Boston really got hammered, but Mass. always does it seems. Crazy. But we won’t let this hold us down. no no.

Diner action for breakfast, the Amphora (amorphous) yields some nice dishes. Jooolie was nervous to tell Pat that we didn’t have his drums! He was totally cool…Subject was what to do about P@’s drums…he makes some calls and SST is set to deliver DW on Wednesday in Dunellen, NJ at the Proghouse (Roxy + Dukes). Paiste cymbals will be delivered to 8×10 in Baltimore. Nice drive in to DC to Gypsy Sallies, a really nice venue and very cool owners. Our first show, still no rehearsal…no worries. Sound check becomes our rehearsal…nice and long…and we get some sounds together and run some of the music.  It sounds good on stage. Jooolie’s new Aguilar stack sounds great! What a sound! I am still getting some tunes under my fingers but it’s coming together. Out of the Beardspace is a great band (inspired by Gentle Giant, perhaps)…amazing players and good guys…great set.  We play our first set as a band and go for it and it’s a beautiful show…It’s a fun set with great energy…Marco is a great front man. He has a good stage demeanor. First go at Indiscipline was way cool. Audience went nuts! Many fans hangout afterwards…new friends…fun to be in DC…a drive around Lincoln and Washington Monuments before heading to Mason’s house for after party.  Show 1. A good showing! buzzing! Tomorrow 8×10 in Baltimore.