Philly- D.C. January 26, 2015


Monday Jan 26


Woke up at 9:30am, Julie has just heard from Pat that the Philly airport has been closed down, so he will have to re-route to D.C. where we do our first show on Tuesday (Tomorrow). Our driver calls Julie to tell her he is afraid to drive to Woodstock to get Pat’s drums and our 15 passenger van. He’s not comfortable with the weather forecast or his local surroundings in Wilkesbarre. We decide to shop for groceries for the week at Reading Terminal Market in preparation of hangs here after shows and for morning Jooolie breakfast throwdowns. Upon hearing further weather reports which are predicting huge amounts on snow, we decide to rent a van, forgo our driver (as he has bailed on us), pack our gear, and roll to D.C. tonight sans Pat’s drums, which are in Woodstock. The opening band and friends, Out of the Beardspace, will let Pat use their drums until we can get it resolved. So off we go- Captain Motzer driving the Town & Country tour-mobile. A stop for burritos in Philly and we are off…to D.C. Upon arrival we awaken a sick but gracious P@. Later i realize we still have not rehearsed so while Julie slept, Marco and I shed through the tunes at midnight accompanied by Westmalle ABT12.  Good night.