the pedal madness continues


Eventide has been very nice to allow me an artist accomodation (Thanks to Ray and Julie Slick!) and as a result i now own the Pitch Factor and Space pedals. If you haven’t checked these out you are missing out on amazing sonic brilliance, madness, and cathedral drift.  I use Space alot lately in scoring for Dance choregraphy to get the massive Reverb wash made famous by ECM, David Torn, and Sigor Ros. I also used it in the recent 1k Sessions episode 12 with poet Ursula Rucker.  I am still learning the Pitch Factor, but thus far it is opening up a totally new world of sounds, ideas, and new ways to play and compose.  It’s incredible. more info here on their great products.  http://eventide.com

here’s a link to a great site all about guitar tone and pedal madness: http://thepedallab.com/

this is my current pedalboard setup: (9/27/2011)

guitar>eventide pitch factor>guyatone autowah>eb vol>digitech whammy>guyatone od>zvex fuzz factory>guyatone delay>line6 dm-4>alesis airefx>eventide space>to amp or PA.


continue to experiment. have fun.