Orion Tango


A tango is all about moving smoothly as one with your partner. Orion Tango’s tango is all about doing the same thing between minds and instruments. The newest project from Philadelphia’s genre-defying 1k Recordings label consists of guitarist Tim Motzer, bassist Barry Meehan and drummer Jeremy Carlstedt: a team of premier musicians who’ve played together in various settings in the past, but never in this trio configuration before. Their self-titled debut shows both the familiarity of longtime collaborators and the eagerness of a fresh outfit just discovering what it can do.

Drawing on the experimental spirit of Krautrock as much as the deep rhythmic stew of urban dub, offering infectious power-rock grooves and occasional noise on the edge of chaos, Orion Tango is a thick slice of heavy power-trio improv as this crew does it best. It’s a treat for familiar 1k listeners who love the forward-thinking eclecticism of Base3 or Global Illage, newcomers looking for one of the most exciting under-the-radar discoveries of the season, or just anyone with adventurous ears. Catch them onstage this fall and be ready for anything. ~Geno Thackera

release date: October 30, 2015
released October 24, 2015

Barry Meehan – bass
Jeremy Carlstedt – drums, percussion
Tim Motzer – guitars, electronics, samplr

recorded by Eric Bogacz at 1k Recordings, Fishtown February 2015
mixed by Tim Motzer and Eric Bogacz at 1k
titles and mix assistance by Barry Meehan.
mastered at Spice House, Fishtown by Eric Bogacz July 2015
design by tilomo & waggs
photography by Avraham Bank, Baltimore 2015
produced by Tim Motzer

special thanks to:
ZVex, Eventide, Pigtronix, Godlyke, Mantic, Paiste, Pat Mastelotto, Agulair, Julie Slick, Digitech, Tom Cram

C 2015 1k Recordings inc. (Meehan, Motzer, Carlstedt)
P 2015 one k music company (BMI)
all rights reserved.