New York, Spectrum, January 31st, 2015


Saturday January 31
Show 5

9:30am With Pat’s drums in my garage, we still need to figure out how to get them to NYC.

I figure my car will be fine, but need a driver. I call my friend Eric but he has to be back by 5pm for a session, so that probably won’t work. Then I call my friend Barry Meehan who can do it but had just lost a lens to his glasses. I asked him if he still could do it…lol. he said he could but wouldn’t really want to drive to New York with one eye! Eventually, he found his lens and had two eyes for the drive…he drove Pat and his drums…up to the Spectrum. Nice drive up no problems, and I am totally digging lower gas prices$20 to get to NYC and back. It’s a very cold day again, load-in is up to second floor. Our marrow is frozen. We essentially loaded in two van loads of gear. Spectrum is a very intimate venue with leather couches, cozy but the PA isn’t the best scenario tho, no monitors, PA is flown above the band. so compromises, but the band sounds balanced on stage. We lose some of Pat’s electronics on this gig. We are part of winter prog festival here. Cool opening sets and we are on. this in someway is the best sounding gig. I could hear nuance on the stage, and as a result could really expand on the material. great night here which was recorded and filmed.  During Indiscipline my fuzz pedal wasn’t dialed in right so I my soloing got lost in the density of the music. Overall, I’d say the closest realization of the set for the week from my point of view. Some really great folks here including Andy and Jimmy Lee from Pigtronix, who offer insight and even service resulting in 2 new ac adaptors, greatly appreciated! after hang falafel hit at Mamouns, awesome! A quick visit to Cafe Wha’s Hendrix mural, and respect for what occurred here back in the late 60’s. Then a crazy drive to Newark to drop off Pat at his hotel. Roads here are insane and very difficult to make the right decisions based on signage and GPS…we miss hotel first time around which results in another 30 minutes…Pat is cool…then off to Philly. Nice drive. Unload and crash. 4:30pm. good night friends. What a tour but too fast! more please!