Ellie Perez

1k recordingsborn in havana, cuba. lived in chicago, new york, miami, and in philadelphia. She has worked with tim motzer and king britt on her song La Vida, of which, there are 3 versions. Her most recent project with producer tim motzer called nucultures – butterflies, zebras, and moonbeams and the  companion record nucultures – the zebramoon remixes was top 200 of all time on Echoes Radio.  Her capitivating intimate vocals and cosmic lyric have a purpose and deep meaning that have caught the hearts of many.

look for new music from ellie in 2012 on the upcoming Nucultures – T’ai Chi & Ruby Red.


ellie perez discography
nucultures – the zebramoon remixes (1k)
nucultures – butterflies, zebras, and moonbeams (1k)
nu cultures – a one k mix collection(1k)
cafe de la noche – nu jazz latin down tempo (sunswept)
globe la collection – compiled and mixed by jojo flores
late night with king britt – (swank)
ellie perez – the awakening (1k) out of print
undercover cuts 19 – undercover magazine UK
this is what radio should sound like – five six compilation (56)