lisbon, portugal

room 213 borges hotel, lisbon portugal. the drive from porto was long with very beautifulsea and country sides to gaze at….made it to lisbon just intime for soundcheck at the sao luiz municipal theatern…again,,,an incredible sold-out royal opera hall…we had … Read More »

la scene paris

paris bastille hotel….room 303…no elevator here. gear was promptly transported to club for tomorrows show…thanks for your help arse…. flight into paris was cool:::our show at la scene was possibly our best show yet!!!!:::an incredibly diverse parisian audience was really … Read More »

viva venice italy

two beautiful flights in to madrid and then to venice…arrived happily with gear intact, have been recording a new project with ursula with producer-composer roberto rusconi- ursula has written 3 new poems -one entitled 25000 – soon to be a classic! ive added guitars and guitar … Read More »

montreal – la solla rossa

room 504 le appartmente montreal, quebec we played an amazing place tonite -in montreal:: la solla rosa owned by the bass player from godspeed you black emporer… more on that later..packed house tonite and audience thoroughly engrossed in the words … Read More »

metronome- burlington vt

a trip to burlington vermont:::homeof phish, jazzmandolin project, ben+jerrysice cream…etc..a bitterly cold grey dayhere in montreal as we leave to driveto burlington with mauro, bassist withgsybe, some great discussions abouthis band- a kind of post-rock tortoise9piece including violin, cello, 3 … Read More »

snow trip back to montreal

before we left vt, we taped a radioshow – interview + performance…performed ‘damned if i do’, “philadelphiachild”, and ‘supa sista’…free radio burlington::then the race to get back to montreal – in ablizzard:::ahhhh::::it was a bit stressful in 3 1/2hour drive … Read More »