Happy 12 from 1k


Happy New Year 2012 to everyone! Thanks for making 2011 a great year as we expanded into Season Two of 1k Sessions webcasts. Season Three is already mostly laid out and it’s going to be amazing! We have some surprises in store, and our first announcement for this year is a world premiere duo collaboration with Dino J. A. Deane. More to come on this. Hop over to the 1k events page to see more live projects in PHL/NY/DC with Dino in March as well.

1k Recordings looks like it will release more physical editions and downloads in 2012 than ever before. Next up is Nuculture-t’ai chi & ruby red; Ilsar-Motzer Project-The Tales of the Blackwinged Bird; Goldbug-zwei (featuring Eric Slick, Barry Meehan, Theo Travis, and myself); and several Tim Motzer solo soundscape editions…  We have a big list of releases coming, so pop in ofter for updates.