Tales of the Blackwinged Bird


Tales of the Blackwinged Bird
“Tales of the Blackwinged Bird” is a mystifying long-form spontaneous invention by Australian master percussionist Alon Ilsar and Philadelphia guitarist Tim Motzer. This extraordinary music challenges and stretches the limits of their instruments and has more in common with modern contemporary music than left field music or jazz. It also features cameos from Bart Miltenberger on trumpet and Barry Meehan on bass. Essential.

 – Tales of the Blackwinged Bird
“A hugely-satisfying, genre-defying release from percussionist Alon Ilsar and guitarist Tim Motzer. It finds these master musicians and sonic colorists in full-scale improv mode, playing off one another with artful abandon. Clearly in tune with one another, listeners can hear Motzer and Ilsar creating fascinating, compelling structures in the moment. With layers upon unfolding layers, this album reveals new intricacies and nuances with every listening.”
Anil Prasad, Innerviews & Guitar Player Magazine

“Philadelphia-based guitarist Tim Motzer has always adopted a painterly approach in his playing, smearing acerbic pointillism, 50s twang, retro-futurism and spacey drifts into persuasive and ofter moving narratives. Tales of the Balckwinged Bird (1k) is a collaboration with Australian-based percussionist Alon Ilsar. A live recording, their improvisation encompasses claustrophobic passages and hurtling rushes into light. Ethereal contributions from Bart Miltenberger’s trumpet provide a game-changing impetus that transforms something already interesting into a remarkable and exhilarating finale.”
Sid Smith, JazzProg UK

released 05 December 2013

Alon Ilsar – percussion
Tim Motzer – guitars, sazbus, electronics
Bart Miltenberger – trumpet
Barry Meehan – bass

recorded and mixed by Tim Motzer at 1k recordings
mastered by Jeff Chestek at the Hat.
C 2012 1k Recordings P 2012 one k music co. (bmi)

design and concept by dejha ti & tim motzer
test & ink improvisations by tim motzer, dejha ti, & kipp jarden.