Bandit 65


Kurt Rosenwinkel – guitars, electronics
Tim Motzer – guitars, guitar synth, electronics
Gintas Janusonis – drums, percussion, bent toys

released 29 April 2014

produced by Bandit 65 & Gintas Janusonis
additional production by Geoff Countryman
recorded by Andrew Felluss at Bushwick Studio, Brooklyn January 2009
mixed by Tyler McDiarmid at Stadiumred, Harlem, NYC 2013
mastered by Arnold Mischkulnig, Brooklyn April 2014
compositions by Bandit 65
C + P 2014 1k Recordings/Janusonis, Motzer, Rosenwinkel


Rosenwinkel calls Bandit 65 “a free improvisational experimental soundscape multidimensional textural psychedelic groove monster… with soul!” That about captures the range of mesmerizing sonic territory covered by the album’s half-dozen lengthy excursions, culled from nearly six hours of music recorded in that one day’s session. The music varies from the album’s most jazz-like track, the fusion haze of opener “Ever the Horizon,” to the dub-accented psychedelic haze of “The Cycle,” through the evocative, sinuous 17-minute “Lost Temple” and the wall of sheer noise that envelopes “Racing the Precipice.”
Shaun Brady The Key